Jesse West is a 34-year-old Madisonville, Ky resident who was born in Chicago, IL where he was raised in the inner city surrounded by all sorts of diverse people. At a young age he always wanted to "Take Pictures." He wanted to preserve the moment. He didn't grow up in a rich family so when he did something big he wanted to be able to remember it forever so capturing it in pictures was natural.


His first camera was bought at a Walgreen's and used 110 film. He still has some of his first pictures. Many years later he sits next to his Canon digital SLR and an arsenal of gadgets.


He has and many influences in his art. Most importantly, Don Lomache, a photographer who took the time to explain f-stops and depth of field to a hyper 13-year-old who hated math. To this day Jesse still calls him to assist in many decisions on the art and even the business end of his craft.


He has met many other great influences such as Jim Pearson, Allen Ray, Ray Quijano, Ron Elliot and many others including his friends in the West Kentucky Photography Club (which he is president of).


So now that he is "Making Photographs" and turning them into art for others to enjoy, he can finally say... "This is what I was meant to do."